April 2015

Shaving Cream Tie Dye Paper (4/1/15)shaving cream tie dye paper


  • Shaving cream
  • Cardstock
  • Pan
  • Squeegee (ruler)
  • Food coloring or paint
  • Straw or toothpick


  1. Spray some shaving cream into the pan, and smooth it over until the area is a little larger than the size of the cardstock and approximately ¼” thick.
  2. Evenly drop some food coloring or paint on the surface of the shaving cream.
  3. Use a straw or toothpick to swirl the colors together to create a tie-dyed effect.
  4. Press the cardstock into the shaving cream, and then gently lift it up.
  5. Scrape the squeegee or ruler across the cardstock to remove the shaving cream, leaving your tie-dyed masterpiece behind!
  6. Set aside your beautiful creation to dry. If the paper starts to curl, you can place a book on top to flatten it out before it completely dries.


You can also use the marbleized shaving cream to dye hard-boiled eggs! Make sure the eggs are cool and dry, roll them in the colorful shaving cream, and allow them to set for approximately 15 minutes. What else can you tie dye?